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Part 17 the train keeps rolling

posted 4/9/2007 7:06:20 PM |
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His eyes once proud and large shrank like flowers left in the frost. Standing in front of him Will looked small impossibly small. Charity could see she had scared him as Will’s small frame was bent in fear. A voice small and frail crept from him “Are you Lady Charity?” “I am yes and what are you going on about telling me to have no fear and other such stuff?” She asked gazing down on Will. Now that Charity was closer she could see the boy was hurt or had been recently. His nose was swollen and his right eye was just beginning to turn from black to yellow. She knelt down to help lessen the boy’s fears. Will flinched his bravery gone; he was not used to kind adults. The only memory he had of one was his mother and that memory was fast fading. Her picture in his mind used to be sharp and clear but now the edges of his memory were fading and he was afraid the fuzziness would continue until all was lost. He stood back with his eyes cast to the ground, all the noble words he had in his mind left him. Will felt in his pockets and remembering the notes pulled them out. Charity received them but her mind was still on comforting the boy. He was like a deer full of the smell of hounds wide eyed and fearful. His eyes darted from place to place searching for a place to run if the need arose. Charity grasped his small hand to reassure him “Now why is such a brave little boy such as yourself out and about at such a hour?” Will bristled and squared his shoulders a bit at being called a small boy. He looked up “I am a squire I will have you know. I was sent by David himself to aid and protect you and deliver the messages I have given you.” Charity paying more attention to the letters noticed they bore the wax seal of the Campbell family. She could see clearly one was addressed to her and the other was to the king. “Why has he not come himself?” She asked holding her breath afraid of what the answer might be. Will saw the look of dread on Charity’s face it was not an expression he thought suited her well. He much preferred the kind look she had before. Will was eager to put her back at ease. Some of the bravado and nobility that had left him started creeping back. “Don’t fear my Lady he is well and safe. If not for his duties he would be here surly. He said all would be explained in the note. In any event it would take grave danger then some to harm a knight.” He smiled up at her. Charity was relived to know there was no immediate danger to her love. Still she wished she could have the faith of Will in believing no harm could befall David him being a knight. The boy’s smile was infectious though and she found herself responding in kind. “Well come on in, you must be positively tired from your long journey.” She said. Charity holding him by his hand led him into the house.
Will sat happily at the kitchen table a cold sandwich between his hands. He was hungry and glad to be able to eat without all the formality Blake imposed on him. Will’s face darkened just at the thought of all those meals sitting in near darkness forced to sit as rigid as a stone. Charity on the other hand was easy in demeanor and joyous in character. Some of the fear he felt began to melt like winter snow in spring time. They sat and talked and Will told her how he began his service with David, although, he was not at all sure how it was Master Blake ever let him go. Will was doing his best to tell the truth but, was embarrassed about his past. When something uncomfortable came about, he would grow silent and pretend not to remember much. Charity understood and never pressed for answers that did not come freely. On the subject of David Will flowed like a wild stream. Charity smiled; wherever Will had come from she had no doubt that David had rescued him. The marks and bruises that covered Will were both new and old, she suspected too they were the chief reason Will did not want to talk about his past. When Will was finished she wet a rag and washed his hands and face. She cleared the crumbs and then washed the plate. She heard a large yawn escape the tired boy. She turned to look and saw his eyes flying at half mast. Every once in a while his eyes would close and stay closed only opening slowly, Will would then rub his eyes deeply with one small fist. After the last time she held his hand and guiding him back to her room to sleep the night. Will went willingly enough until he realized what she was doing. “Dear lady Charity I have sworn to protect you, and will not rest till my charge be done. I will stand guard by your door and ensure no evil passes less my life also passes.” His chest was full of pride and his sleepy eyes beamed with honor and duty. Charity not wanting to rob the small lad of his dignity asked, if might not even a mighty squire be comfortable on his watch and so proposed to give him a pillow and blanket. Will allowed that a pillow was fine but that a blanket was too much. He was not going to sleep but simply going to rest his head. Charity told him he was mighty indeed to refuse the blanket and so gave him the pillow only. Will took the pillow and sitting on the wall placed it between his head. Charity smiled saying “Indeed I shall sleep with peace knowing one so strong and brave watches over me.” Charity closed the door and retired to her own bed.
With baited breath Charity broke the seal of wax, breathing deeply when she saw the script of her lover. Dearest Charity it is grave and dark time that our love chooses to bloom and blossom. Still can not a fair sparrow yet sing though a battle deep and evil rages. In blotted grass and muddy prints of boots left by careless men of war, can not a red rose grow? Is not the rose of red and the fair sparrow the more beautiful found in times of danger and peril? So too is our love made all the greater. Like a man lost at war I dream of roses and sparrows that fly from your lips and grow radiantly in your eyes. To be in your arms lost deep in dreams I crave. With these words I pledge my heart and soul. Charity felt her heart swoon with love as she read the words that sprang from the page. All was not of love and desire though. The letter continued with a brief account of how David came by Will and why he was sending him to her. He also explained where he had gone and why. The letter finished with instruction on how she was to deliver the letter written to the King. Charity laid back in bed holding David’s correspondence close to her heart.
Charity breathed deeply giddy with her lover’s words that lay so close to her heart. They flowed as white whine making her spirit feel light and airy. She wished nothing more than to be with him. However, reality was a net that held too quick. She could not deny space and time. Feeling wistful she closed her eyes to escape into dreams as memory of David floated in her mind. The memories where huge and bright like puffy white clouds drifting across a deep blue sky. She breathed ever slower as her heart slowed. Down, down

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Part 17 the train keeps rolling