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posted 4/9/2007 6:14:46 PM |
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Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job. I work, they pay me.

I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as they see fit.

In order to get that paycheck.. I am required to pass a random urine test,
I have no problem with.

What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who
don't have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to
a welfare check, because I have to pass one to earn it for them?

Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their
I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sit on their

Could you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass
urine test to get a public assistance check???

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Apr 9 @ 6:18PM  
Amen to this!!!

Apr 9 @ 6:31PM  
I absolutely agree with this... a kudo to you for what its worth.

Apr 9 @ 6:31PM  
Or how many ppl would be forced to get the help they need to become functioning productive members of society. And recover there dignity and pride in the process.

Naw ... that's to freqin easy


Master Gry

Apr 9 @ 6:37PM  
well i'd sure like to find OUT how many!!!

Apr 9 @ 6:40PM  

Apr 9 @ 6:45PM  
But we would want to trample on thier constitutional rights would we' remember that hard working tax paying people like ourselves really don't have any "rights", only the "illusion of rights". I love your idea and can already here the out gry from the PC people over this. I'll honor you with one of my totally worthless kudos.

Apr 9 @ 7:05PM  
I agree with you there! I could add a few other things to my taxes going to:

1) Illegal Aliens ( health care, schools, incarceration, etc) that are sucking this country dry with no respect for our borders.

2) Educating other people's kids ( I don't have any, don't want any, have no tolerace for them and certainly don't feel like paying for them)

3) Welfare of any kind. I understand disability but not welfare.

Just to name a few...


Apr 9 @ 7:14PM  
Makes sense to me. Also thought I'd post a link to sumdaysoon's blog discussing the same issue:

Apr 9 @ 7:15PM  

I couldn't agree with you more!!!

Apr 9 @ 7:21PM  
I just paid my taxes today so I agree 100% with you.

Apr 9 @ 7:25PM  
hmm upon more thought...and as i read ..yup ..doing taxes n will see my BILL soon...and then i'll REALY BE PISSED OFF!!

Apr 9 @ 7:31PM  
Just WHAT is this blog about? Are you ticked that people are on Welfare? Do you have any statistics on the # of people ON Welfare who are ALSO on DRUGS, if so, I'd like to see them. This same blog has been on here weekly and on 'vanilla'MD too for months. Just what is it that you propose to do with these drub abusers~~when they are NOT on Welfare? Where do you think they will be??
I can tell you they won't get their acts cleaned up! They will be breaking into your amd my homes while we are at work every day! Have you ever HAD your house ransacked and robbed of all your jewelry and CDs and stereo equipment, TV, riding lawn mower and tools? I HAVE....and it's like being raped! Insurance won't repay you for anything you don't have pix of and IF they pay they usually pay for used market value because your things are used. THAT is why they don't take urine samples for all welfare recipients. But I'd still like to see your #s on how many welfare recipients are on drugs and where it came from.

Apr 9 @ 8:52PM  
I like that one....

Apr 9 @ 8:57PM  
well i bet if they had drug test for welfare they be less people on welfare too!

Apr 9 @ 10:17PM  
Your right my dear, well almost right.
I worked in a place where it was manditory to test us at random and they did, only problem is they didn't test themselfs. It was a big business and had 16 people in management, counting supervisors and such, but they were the higher up, the ones making the big money and using the drugs, but they were exempt.
I think your on the wrong end of the rope with welfare, they should come later because they are getting nothing. I belive the very best place to start drug testing is in the white house, lets check the LARD ASS'S FIRST, we only give welfare pennies, we give washington $$$$$$$$$$ Dollars''''just a thought''''

Apr 9 @ 10:39PM  

Apr 10 @ 12:32AM  
I am not immune to drug testing....any hospital worker is tested on employment and then any time at ramdom....some hospitals just do it via computer lottery....if your # comes have one hour to get to the closest HR and pee....don't flush, temp better be right and all that stuff! But this never ending blog makes it sound like to pick up their check they produce urine every week or two weeks and that is NOT the case any place. It would not be cost effetive. I''m sick of seeing this blog and not any ways to fix's like Rush Limbaugh time! Gag me! I stand by my comment!

Apr 10 @ 1:09AM  
Misty,,,,I completely agree with your Blog,,,,I have worked since I was 16 years of age ,,,,,,Have never requested assistance....If I can hold 3 jobs when my husband walked out the door,,,because I did not want my children to do without their lifestyle,,,,Those people on welfare could find one job,,,,I am not completely against Welfare but feel when a person is down and out that is when they should be allowed so many mths of Help to get back on their feet,,,but not generation after generation...I don't think so,,,,,.Kudo goes out to you Misty......

Apr 10 @ 6:40AM  
I completely agree! Where I live there are several instances of people who get welfare and sell bath-tub crack in gov't assisted housing. If they are doing it at schools (random battery) and at many alternative education institutions (on a weekly / bi-weekly basis), I don't see why there can't be a montly test.

Apr 10 @ 7:31AM  
I agree 100%. We work hard, pay taxes and support ourselves with what's left. Why should those assholes collecting welfare, unemployment etc. be given money with no questions asked. There are jobs in the newspaper everyday and i'm sure the unemployment office will help them find jobs. As long as there are jobs available people should not be allowed to draw unemployment

Apr 10 @ 8:47AM  
i deffinatley hear ya there

Apr 10 @ 9:15AM  
This is an excellent point and should be on a referendum. I bet it would pass!!

Apr 10 @ 9:20AM  
Obviously redhotz is a bleeding heart liberal who thinks we should support matter what. There is no clear cut answer to the problem, but something has to be done and you have to start with getting rid of the hand outs. if your house is going to get robbed, it has nothing to do with if they got their welfare check or not.

Apr 10 @ 11:45AM  
I agreecompletely with your statement... I don't agree that people have to pass a drug test to have a job in this country. I have done some drugs over the past 21 years and have only failed one test. For most of that 21 years I was a daily user - AND STILL PASSED. Now before anyone starts getting on their high horse about this, I DON'T get high at, before or on lunch break. I go to work to do my job, I don't believe that my job has any business entering my home or private life. If they can come up with a test that shows if you are high right NOW not 30 days ago I would agree to testing people at work every day, but as for faulty drug tests sorry my opinion is that is a pile of bulls@#t.

Apr 10 @ 6:57PM  
Well, that's great in theory. But, I think the whole concept of drug testing is bullshit. As needssomenow said.........what about politicians, judges and all of the white collar workers?
Drug testing was pushed by insurance companies as an "easy out" to avoid paying for work related accidents. If you get hurt and fail your drug workman's comp. or insurance coverage.
Does the test mean you are high at work? NO! Also, look at the expansive list of 'false positives' that can cause you to lose your job. Do you think they'll believe that you eat poppy seed muffins every morning when you show up positive for opiates on your piss test?

Apr 10 @ 10:57PM  
"Why should those assholes collect welfare"
As a matter of fact, there are so many people concerned over welfare that the non-social -minded public is becoming a minotity, everyday, countless new new projects are inaugurated for the benfit of the unfortunates. Unfortunately, the unfortunates are the only ones left to support the benevolent enterprises.
It has reached the point where the average man cannot earn enough money to satisfy his chartiable obligations alone--not to mention the incidental problems of providing for his living needs.
Moreover, the people who are forced to depend upon charity for their subsistence find that they do not receive enough even to take care of the sub-grants demanded of them.
It probably sounds odd, yet actually the people on welfare are required to contribute to keep people off welfare.Some of the families who are solicited for donations to various drives have more claims to the proceeds than the causes motivating the funds. Nevertheless the guardians of the public good are not discouraged. Even though they maybe directly responsible for fifty per cent of the troubles at large, so you continue to follow your leader; who is? The one to start this nonsence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apr 10 @ 11:51PM  
WOW nw43--Bravo

We know two and two makes four, a child learns that in his earliest experiences with figures.It is a simlpe calculation that can be proven in many ways. It is plain and obvious, there can be no doubt or confusion until it is found necessary to substantiate a manifest thru computation by intricate problems in algebra and trigonometry and calculus, by studies in squares and motions and cruves, and suddenly it becomes evident that two and two may not make four after all.

We all know it takes time to become educated, but i think your is over extended

Apr 12 @ 12:24AM  
wellfare sucks, both for recipients and those who pay for it (us). It's a feeble system that wasn't intended to last nearly as long as it has. Considering the cost of drug tests, performing them on wellfare recipients would not benefit anyone economically. However, reforming all of the government sponcered aid programs into something that is more functional and efficient would be a better objective. If you really want to save money, instituting public healthcare to take the place of the heavy insurance monopoly bills that we must pay would be a great plan. Making public school degrees actuall worth something instead of dumbing down the system just to make sure no-one is "left behind" would be a good thing also.
As for bleeding out money for illegal immigrants, cutting the benefits anyone would recieve by being illegal is a good idea and anyone complaining about the wellfare of these people can just get over that. Especially if our government would get off their asses, stop bickering amongst themselves and actually streamline the citizenship process or make work visas less complicated. If that were accomplished, immigration wouldn't be that much of an issue, since there would be many more LEGAL immigrants paying taxes and adding dedicated, hardworking people to our workforce.
setting up a system to educate immigrants with a crashcourse in english would be a much better use of resources than trying to build a better fence... then again, so would landmines. anyway i hope i got my ideas across, it's kinda late and they might be jumbled

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