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Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater??

posted 4/9/2007 4:42:50 PM |
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tagged: cheating, monogamy, behavior changes

Have you ever been cheated on? Have you ever cheated on someone else?

Do you think that someone who has cheated will always be a cheater? Like it's an addiction or disease that they can't quit. Or just for the challenge or thrill of it.

Or do you think things like circumstances, age, morals, committments and such change and that person will and/or can be completely faithful and never cheat again?

What's your opinion or experience?

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Apr 9 @ 4:49PM  
well i have been on both sides of that fence........and i can only speak for myself.......i would never cheat on the right one.......guess i am still seeking that one..........

Apr 9 @ 4:56PM  

I feel a lot hasto do with the indaviduals themselves.
And the circumstances between those two people.
A man or woman who cheats on their spouse, is
more than likely to do it again. But that does not
mean they would with another individual under
different circumstances.

Apr 9 @ 5:03PM  
My opinion only, I believe once a cheater always a cheater. It only gets easier the second time around!! There are alot of things I could over look, but unfaithfulness is not one of them.


Apr 9 @ 5:14PM  
I have never cheated on a partner, although I'll admit the idea has crossed my mind at times. If at those times the opportunity had arose, I probably couldn't do it anyway. I think the reasons for cheating stem from a problem in the relationship, whether that be within you or your partner, and when you find "the one" you'll exist together without any desires that the relationship cannot provide for you

Apr 9 @ 5:27PM  
I've heard once a cheater always a cheater.

I don't have anything to base it on. I've never cheated on anyone myself. To the best of my knowledge I've never been cheated on either.

I heard a long time ago ( ya know WAY BACK WHEN I WASN'T AN OLD FART ) that if it's not working then there are only 2 choices. Fix it or forget it. That's how I've treated any relationship I've ever had.

Apr 9 @ 5:33PM  
I think it's mostly true that some people will always be looking for that opportunity to cheat and will not change.

Apr 9 @ 5:41PM  
Sadly I think I agree with you on this

Apr 9 @ 5:47PM  
you notice if a woman cheated on a man it be omg what a slut, ho, but its ok men to do it,, :)

Apr 9 @ 5:51PM  
It's not okay for a man to cheat any more than for a woman. Those men should be called dickheads.

Apr 9 @ 5:59PM  
you notice if a woman cheated on a man it be omg what a slut, ho, but its ok men to do it,, :)
ok to WHOM???? certainly not I........

hmm once a cheater always a chearter.......most likly yes.....but not 100% there will be some isolated times when only once........and they learn.........

Apr 9 @ 6:16PM  
In my opinion(though I have never cheated on anyone)if someone cheats,chances are very high that they will cheat again.And if you are the one they cheated with,it would be quite vain of you to think it would'nt happen again.


Apr 9 @ 6:42PM  
I think it depends on the person. I have never cheated on a woman I was with. I see no reason to. I always put my whole being into a relationship. Heart and soul. But most people would probably cheat again if they have done it once. It is unfair to say that all would do it again, because their are probably a few rare ones that would not. I agree that it is no more acceptable for a man to cheat than a woman. It is all wrong no matter who does it.

Apr 9 @ 7:04PM  
dont believe in it.

i think once a cheater, always a cheater.

now, open relationships are a different story.............

Apr 9 @ 7:58PM  
i think that it depends on the situation.i don't believe that just because you cheat on one partner that you will all of them.

Apr 9 @ 8:24PM  
Once a line is crossed, the crosser no longer sees the line or at best it is pushed farther back. I don't think you can say always but today's right one is more easily tomorrow's betrayed.

Apr 9 @ 8:54PM  
I have been cheated on too many times to count. And it hurts. I would and have never done it. I have respect for the person I am with.

I also think that if they cheat once they will do it again.


Apr 9 @ 9:24PM  
sorry to say, cheating is thoroughly ingrained in the american way of life. whether you're barry bonds, john kennedy,bill clinton , tank johnson, George www. bush, cheating is how you got where you are. it's not something you do once, and stop. it's just a part of the scene. hollywood has brought the desperate housewives mentality into our homes. the sopranos are hit tv,'s thrill seeking, and it's one of many signs that the apocalypse is upon us. you cheat the IRS at the drop of a hat, so where do you draw the line?

Apr 9 @ 9:37PM  
Hang the SOB's by their balls and let us beat their cocks with tree branches.

Once a cheater, ALWAYS a cheater!!

Apr 9 @ 10:33PM  
Every cheater I've met has stayed a cheater...and I'm not one of them. I've had a few woman cheat on me when we had an agreement to be monogamous, they were cheaters before I met them and still are. It's promises don't come easy but I keep them no matter what, once the trust is broken it's over forever. That's why I just don't give a damn anymore about being monogamous and am certainly not making any promises anytime soon...fed up with lies and deceit to the saturation point.

Apr 9 @ 10:39PM  
Hey tetons-

I hope you're speaking for yourself because it's certainly not the way I've lived my life...those tv shows I've never seen...have no reason to cheat the IRS, it's only detramental to the country...if cheating was the only way to get ahead I'd stay behind. Doesn't mean a thing to me if it's done dishonestly.

Apr 10 @ 12:55AM  
I honestly don't believe that once a cheater, always a cheater. Some people DO learn from past mistakes. My gawd, what would the world be like if they didn't. However, I do think if a person has cheated with more than one person it's probably become a habit they don't intend to get rid of. Each person & circumstance is different though.

Apr 10 @ 1:40AM  
well i have been on both sides of that fence........and i can only speak for myself.......i would never cheat on the right one.......guess i am still seeking that one..........

Kudo goes out to you Sums----For being so Honest.......

Apr 10 @ 4:13AM  
I've been on both sides of this fence too. Did it to my ex-wife. She subsequently MARRIED me fully aware of what I had done (I confessed one VERY HARD night-definintely one of the most difficult things I've ever done) and we had a year of marriage. We were both young.

Written by Shellsmack:

Hang the SOB's by their balls and let us beat their cocks with tree branches.

Shell, that goes both ways. She married me with the FULL COMPLETE knowledge of my indescretion. Then I came home one day after work and enough grocery shopping to hold us for two weeks. There she is, on the couch. We've just moved into our new apartment not a month earlier. She looks at me after I annouce that the fridge will be loaded and says (I'll never forget this), "I need to tell you something. I've met someone else, I'm in love with him, we've been together for a while and I'm leaving you. I want a divorce."

Shell, sometimes that statement should be worded 'Hang the bitches by their feet and let us beat their tits with tree branches.'

Once a cheater always a cheater? I'm not so sure. I sure hope not. That living room revelation cured me permanently. It hurts the guys just as much as it hurts the girls. I'm sure I'm not the only guy here that knows what it feels like.


Apr 10 @ 5:10AM  
things that people don't do for moral reasons...

Steal, Murder, Cheat, etc.

Any one of these becomes easier the second time you do it, and even easier the third. It's sort of like you get more confident that a lightning bolt isn't going to crash into you because of your behavior.

Only way to not pass that line in the future is not pass it in the present.

just my $0.02.

Apr 10 @ 6:32AM  
No matter what, cheating is wrong. If they are cheating on you, leave them, there is no situation that cheating can be considered a viable alternative.Then again, I'm young, so who knows...maybe I'm just too morally headstrong

Apr 11 @ 10:55AM  
ok kozmik, i'm speaking for myself, and joe kennedy, the ex-bootlegger, and bill gates, the billionaire who rose to the top through illegal trade practices; and for good ole george W> who is president now because they stole the election in florida. for barry bonds who is about to break the greatest record of all time by using steroids. i'm speaking for haliburton, who doesn't seem to pay any taxes at all, no matter how many billions of dollars they steal from the government each year. and exxon, they're great american heroes, making about 8.5 billion every three months squeezing us on gas prices; the tobacco industry, billionaires all by killing off their customers. big pharma, using thimerosal in infant innoculations, and causing one in every 150 children today to be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorders. so, dude, it must be nice living in the sheltered part of the world that u do, but cheating is a great american tradition; JUST ASK THE INDIANS!!!

Apr 11 @ 12:39PM  

I am a Native American, don't need to ask them.

Sep 9 @ 6:30PM  
yes once they cheat they always cheat. I have tried giving them another chance over and over again but I still find them in here cheating, not only in this site in ever free site going and he has also fixed an extra site in yahoo so they can email him. They cheat all the time. Don't think there is a man on here or any other place that doesn't cheat and use women.

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Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater??