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Romance Story "Mountain Memories"

posted 4/9/2007 2:40:55 AM |
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12 Mountain Memories Part 1 of 2

You sit and admire the scenery falling slowly down into the valley. The snow has been falling on the ski slopes all morning as you prepare to take a leap off the gondola chair at the top of the lift. The slow and easy ride on the ski lift has allowed you to take in the tall Aspen trees that grow all along this mountain. Each breathe of fresh air reminds you of why this trip was so important. You can feel the cold air trying to slowly slide up your legs from the loose bindings that have not been secured around your ski boots. Each wave of wind blows your hair around like an angel is combing out the stress. You decide to close your eyes for a brief moment in time. All you can hear is the howling wind and numerous animals perched a top the trees along your long accent up the mountain. You come back to reality when you hear voices instructing people to depart the chair lifts.

You open your eyes to see numerous people grouping along the departure route. You take a deep breathe and decide to take the leap of faith. Your right ski contacts the departure slope perfectly. You feel a bit of relief until you realize that your left ski is turned at an awkward angle.
You hold your breathe as you realize this is not going to be a perfect dismount. The next thing that goes through your mind is the thought of how much my butt is going to hurt when I do finally come to a stop.

What you don’t realize is I am close to the departure area. I just happen to be waiting for a group of my friends to join me on the slopes. I just happen to be watching the chair lifts when your chair is next to be dismounted. I can see how afraid you look when it’s getting closer to being your turn. I also realize just before you put your ski down that they’re not in the correct position for a proper dismount. So I move closer to where you plan to get off a fraction of a second before you actually loose your balance to the point of no return. I can see you have closed your eyes and expect to be humiliated very soon. I move my arms under yours and actually allow you to fall into my arms as I control your out of balance movements. We both slide backwards as your chest comes into contact with mine. I slowly fall backwards as I allow you to fall on top of me into a snow bank. We come to a stop with you resting on top of me in a snow bank that’s roughly 4 feet high. The snow has completely absorbed all the energy and created a soft landing for us.

You open your eyes to find yourself completely safe in the arms of a complete stranger.
All you can see of me is a pair of goggles perched on top of my head and a pair of brown eyes that seem to pierce you from a short distance. The rest of my body is buried in the snow bank beneath you. You’re speechless as I slowly release you from my arms. Onlookers help you to your feet as I lay in the snow. You smile as a vision comes into your mind from your child hood. It looks like I was trying to create an angel in the snow with my arms and legs sprawled out. I slowly get to my feet with the helps of the same onlookers. You start to thank me for saving you from certain death and humiliation. I smile and tell you it was no big deal. I also say that I’ve no problem helping beautiful ladies when they’re in dire need of help. You wonder to yourself, if I’m one of those guys that live on the slopes and chase every snow bunny that comes along.

We exchange a few words before we’re interrupted by one of my friends. He says that the group is waiting for me at the club house. You have a million questions that you certainly would like to ask me. The one thing that’s on the tip of your tongue is my status. You wonder if I’m married, single, dating, or hopefully available. You never get a chance to ask anything as you watch me depart quickly with my friend.

You came on this trip with a few girlfriends to get away from reality. They now have gathered around you to find out all the juicy details about the stranger. Sadly you have to tell them that you know nothing about me. They all act disappointed and start to slide along towards the club house with you in tow. Your friends and you're late for a ski lesson. You turn the corner of the club house to see my friend talking to a group of people. You wonder if he is the ski instructor that’s supposed to be the guy in charge today. You listen to him and soon realize that he is just the coordinator. He talks about the instructor and how he prefers small groups during lessons. He says that the instructor lives on the mountain year round at the resort. His family opened this particular resort back in the early 1900’s when his grandfather founded the business. He also mentions that his wife ran off with a doctor a few years earlier. He says that she just couldn’t deal with the slow atmosphere of living in the mountains year round. Your girlfriends and you start to talk amongst yourselves about how wealthy the instructor should be if he inherited this ski resort. One of your girlfriends just can’t hold her tongue anymore, and asked why does the owner of a ski resort prefer to be an instructor? My friend just smiles and says, why don’t you ask him since he is standing behind you?

You all turn around to see me standing slightly in the shadows with a big smile on my face. I say that life is not all about money. I say that my passion for skiing and helping other people learn to ski has nothing to do with the money. You can tell that I’m a very down to earth guy that knows my place in life. You also can tell that I’m not the type of guy that goes around chasing every snow bunny that comes along. I talk casually with everyone in the group for a few more minutes.

We all slowly start to ski down the slopes towards the bottom of the mountain. I watch you and all your friends enjoying the sounds and sights of the trip. All your friends make sure to get my attention as much as possible. You can tell they all want to make a good impression on me. I suppose they think that maybe the handsome, rich guy will take notice of them an invite them for cocktails latter in the evening.

What none of them have realized including you is I’ve already been fascinated by a female. Remember, the pretty lady that was close to disaster just a few hours ago. Yes, I’m talking about you. What you didn’t realize is I fell in love with you at first site as your gondola chair slowed to allow you to dismount. I took in every pretty features you possessed. What really got my attention were your facial expressions as you neared a moment in time that causes great stress, the dreaded ski lift jump to safety that most normal people fear. I got a first hand glimpse into a face of a beautiful young lady that was acting like an innocent young girl. I realized quickly that no matter what happened, I was going to save you from any pain or humiliation. I wanted to protect you for a brief moment in time. I also realized soon

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Romance Story "Mountain Memories"