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Erotic story " Day Dreamer "

posted 4/9/2007 2:39:17 AM |
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10 “Day Dreamer” Part 1 of 2

You go about your daily routine watching and listening to other females rave about their guys. Some are always complaining about what so and so is not doing to make them happy. Other females seem to always have something good to say about their men. You also have a man that drives you crazy some times. He either ignores you or is always in your face bothering you. I suppose you’re just like every other female that would like the good and not have to deal with the bad. I suppose you have day dreamed about what it would be like to actually have your cake and eat it too. I suppose you would love to see inside some of the homes of the gorgeous guys that pass you on a daily basis. Watch these guys actually take a steamy shower and then come out and take you completely.
Let me see if I can virtually introduce you to a few of my buddies that seem to always catch the ladies eyes. They’re what ladies consider the cream of the crop. These guys were the ones nabbed early by smart ladies and molded into caring fathers and exhilarating husbands. The guys are the hunks that actually have great paying jobs and provide plenty for their families. I know that’s hard to imagine these days. Usually, the guy is gorgeous and a real jerk most of the time.
I suppose the first guy that comes to my mind is my brother-in-law. He is a University of Georgia graduate with a degree in business and finance. His buddies swear he never studied and got great grades. They were all mad that he was so smart. Even my sister-in-laws says he could have been a doctor or lawyer with ease. He works in Atlanta at a large brokerage firm as a department manager. He has a wonderful family with two young daughters. He is a very good husband and father. He always tries to stay one step ahead of everything. Life is good for him these days. Jeff is 6 foot tall and about 185. He has wavy brown hair and brown eyes that always seem intense. He still has an athletic build from playing basketball and running track. He plays basketball on his lunch hour now at work. I know the ladies are probably always hitting on him.

He also has a secret side that only a few people including myself know about. He was extremely wild in college and loved the ladies. I’ve been told by his college buddies of numerous encounters he had with girls in the sororities. He met my sister-in-law close to the end of his college. She is a looker like my wife. I suppose it’s something about aggressive females that turn us guys on. Both our wives are extremely strong willed. They know what they want and they grab hold and don’t let go.
My buddy Derrick at work would certainly fall into the category of the ultimate prize. He also is married with kids. He is 37 and still has the physical appearance of a 20 year old guy. His dark hair is kept short above the ears. 6 ft. 200 pounds with dark brown eyes and broad shoulder have always gotten the ladies attention. I swear he is married to a Victoria Secrets model. Even after kids, she is far more attractive then most models. He is head strong and has more charisma then all of my other friends put together. I’ve seen him stare at a lady and she start to blush without a word spoken. The difference he possesses is the lack of arrogance most of the time. He can live in the spot light with ease or fade into the shadows.

My military buddy John would have to be by far the most perfect guy in a females mind. John and I served together in the Army as Engineers. He was extremely smart and from a rich family that lived in New York. He joined the Army just to see the world. John is about 6’3” tall and weighs about 215. He has a very lean muscular body from being very athletic all his life. He won numerous swimming titles while growing up. I suppose what attracts ladies to John is his intelligence and looks. He could pose as a GQ model on the runways of any top modeling agency. I used to hang with him at the night clubs to just watch how he put the moves on numerous ladies. I learned most of my skills from the master. The master is now settled down with a family also. He received his masters in education and is a Professor at a college now up North. I’d of never guessed he would of decided to become a professor teaching math.
I know the young females he teaches always day dream about him. I asked him one day if he ever thought about cheating on his wife with a student. He gave me some bullshit answer that I saw through very quickly. He finally confessed that he has fantasized about a couple young ladies, but would never cross the line. He is like me and dedicated to his family. We both like most men have fantasies, but reality keeps us in check. We had our fun with the ladies and now it’s the time of our lives that we control our urges. So we live in the land of the day dreamer like most people do.

This is your chance to get an inside view of what it’s like to see into our dreams. I’m going to share a few encounters that occurred in the shadows prior to us perfect gentlemen becoming righteous husbands and fathers. You get to enjoy the fruits of our labors like they were yours. I’ll share some information that was shared with me concerning Jeff. I also will let you enjoy the adventures John and I took part in while serving together. A final encounter may even leave you trying to fly to Georgia to find my friends and I. We certainly would enjoy some spicy new dreams.

Day Dreamer Part 2 of 2

I met John many, many years ago when I was in my 20’s and wide open most of the time. Both of us were young Sergeants after serving in Europe and then being stationed in the states. We shared a two bedroom townhouse with another buddy of mine off post. It was a true miracle we kept our rank after some of the wild things we did when not on duty. I’m not kidding you when I say we partied every single night. I drank some alcohol, but rarely got drunk to the point of losing control. John and I used to go out to the dance clubs and dance until the sun would come up. The funny thing is we stayed in great shape dancing. We both could run for miles without getting tired. The other guys knew we partied and got mad when fitness day came around and we ran circles around them. We also had plenty of time practicing our breathing techniques with numerous ladies. We used to bet each other that we could get any female we wanted to sleep with us. I’m talking large bets depending on the girl. We also had time limits to reach the goal. I know, you probably think I was a dog. I told you that I was not Mr. Innocent.
Very rarely did John lose a bet. I faired a bit less fortunate some times. My problem was a bit of shyness. I had no problem sleeping with the wild girls. My problem was the other girls that were shy. I could not bring myself to take advantage of a pure lady that was looking for love. The funny thing is John knew I was weak when it came to these types of girls. He would bet me hundr

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Jul 13 @ 8:58PM  
I love this one..Why cause you talk about your life and thats awesome.This is one way to get to know you and to see what kind of man you are.I would love to hear more about you,

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Erotic story " Day Dreamer "