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Romance Story "Slice of Heaven"

posted 4/9/2007 2:38:37 AM |
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9 “A Slice of Heaven” Part 1 of 2

The sun is just beginning to crest on the horizon as you breathe in a breath of salty air. You watch the gentle tide roll in along the perfect beach only a stones throw away from your deck. You can hear the birds flocking along the shore to take in a morning feeding of fish in the shallows. The gentle breeze blows at your hair telling you that another day in paradise has just begun again. You sip at your warm drink and take in all the wonderful sights. You watch a few strangers walk and run along the shore to destinations you’re un-aware of at this time. You see the usual people that parade past your place and wave and say hello. You also see new faces that always intrigue you. You wonder what their lives are like and why they have chosen to share this heaven with you.
This morning your life will change. You sit and watch the sun rise slowly in the distance. You just happen to turn and look up the beach at a figure coming closer to your piece of heaven. The man is slowly jogging along the edge of the water. You start to make out his features as he draws closer with each stride. He looks to be in his late 30’s and in great shape. You enjoy watching his strong muscles flexing to overcome the sand. His toned legs are fairly defined to show the long hours he has spent jogging the beach over the years. You can now see the short, dark hair covered in morning sweat. His shirt has salt marks where he has sweated and the morning breeze has dried his shirt. You can tell he has been jogging for awhile this morning.
You hope to catch his eye as he jogs by stride by stride.
I wonder what you would do to catch his eye.
I jog along at a slow pace in fear I may pass out before I get done with my morning jog. I planned to go 4 miles this morning. This is my first time jogging this stretch of beach. I used to jog in front of my old home on the beach. I just moved to a new home located a mile from your place in paradise. I jog along admiring the beautiful homes doted along the beach. The light breeze and perfect morning has brought me out for a morning run.
I just happen to look up and spot a wonderful town house perched a short distance from the beach. The entire side of the house facing the beach is reflective glass. A large deck holding a massive whirl pool is attached to this wonderful house. I’m admiring the place when I just happen to notice you laying back on a lounge chair looking at me. I’m surprised to see you and almost loose my footing in the sand. I can see you smile when I make eye contact with you. I say hello and smile back at you. I take in your morning appearance with one long glance. I can see you have messed up hair. Bags under your eyes from the late night party you attended. I see you’re wearing a guy t-shirt and baggy pajama pants.
You certainly made a scary lasting first impression. Thanks! I really needed some incentive to run faster after I saw you. Just Kidding!
You continue to watch me as I continue down the beach and out of site. You wonder where I was heading and who I’m. You finish your morning relaxation moment in time.
The next few days go by and you continue to enjoy the morning watching the sun rise. You forget about the stranger that jogged into your memories. You just happen to be out buying a few items for dinner at the local store. You turn a corner in the store looking for a certain wine. You just happen to run straight into me. I look slightly down into your beautiful eyes to say I’m very sorry. Your cheek hits me just along my chest. You breathe in deeply to inhale my cologne deep into your mind. You love the bold scent of Polo Sport that I just put on after showering at the gym.

I remember seeing you from somewhere in my recent past. I’m trying to recall your facial features. I glance down at you briefly with a puzzled sign on my face. I now see a pretty smile attached to a lady covered in baggy sweats. You just happened to be coming from another gym also. What a great second lasting image. Hee Hee
You certainly are trying hard to get my attention. I suppose you don’t need any more aggravating guys in your life these days.
You look up into my dark brown eyes and short cut brown hair and smile. It takes you a few minutes to also remember where you had seen me before. We both remember within a few seconds at the point in time we set eyes on each other. I say hello again and introduce myself as Alex. I tell you that I just moved to the beach a few weeks ago. You start to tell me your name when you hear a female voice from behind you. She is standing at the meat counter a few feet behind you asking Alex a question. You realize that I must be involved with another female and just smile at me. I answer her back and you smile and walk away from me.
The irony of the entire situation is our lack of knowledge of each others lives. I remember you from our first encounter wearing a guy t-shirt. I assumed that you were married or at least involved with a guy. You also assumed that I was married or involved with the lady in the store.
Both of us will never know the truth until reality is discovered.
Lucky for us this is fantasy land. The realities of life are not important in here. We can enjoy the forbidden pleasures of passion without the issues of reality.
A few more days pass and you find yourself sitting back on the deck watching the sun set and a storm rolling in off the ocean. I decide to take in a quick jog along the beach before the storm makes land fall. You watch as the storm rolls in faster than normal. The clouds darken the horizon and block a portion of what’s left of the sun.
I get close to your section of heaven on the beach. I realize that the storm is moving faster than I expected. I turn to look at the sheet of rain coming ever so close to the shore line. I did not realize you’re sitting just 20 feet away watching it also. I decide to turn around and make a bee line towards my house. Just as I’m about to start running I hear your voice.
What are you going to say to me? God speed
I hope you tell me to come in out of the rain.
I stand puzzled looking at you. I remember you from both of our previous encounters. The first time I saw a beautiful lady dressed in adorable sleeping cloths. The funny thing is that’s what I like females to wear around me at night. The enjoy seeing a beautiful lady in plain sleep ware in a natural environment. Your messed up hair also told me you’re not high maintenance. I can’t stand females that get out of bed and go straight to the bathroom to put on a fake face. I hate females that choose to wear tons of make up. The next time I saw you were wearing sweats. I also get really turned on by ladies that keep their curves hidden from me. I can only imagine and wonder what is hidden just beneath the fabric. What you considered to be terrible impressions turned out to be what I admire the most in new encounters.
You decide to invite me in

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Romance Story "Slice of Heaven"