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Erotic story " Business Convention "

posted 4/9/2007 2:37:57 AM |
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7 “Business Convention” Part 1 of 2

You go about your daily routine tending to the needs of your loved ones. Every day at work seems to be a give and take of the norm. You take for granted your stable life at work and at home. You have about given
up trying to find a chance to relive your younger days. These were the days when you could do almost anything your heart desired. For example, you could relax around in your pajamas and watch romance movies. You could also go to your favorite restaurant and flirt with any guy you liked without worrying about getting caught. Lol
You also could take long weekends and go to the beach. You were free to do what ever your heart and mind desired. That was the past!!!!!!
Back to reality<<<<<
You work all day long and just when you feel like you’ll get a break, time for job #2
You rush home to tend to the kids and the husband that feels like he is the only one that ever gets tired. You finally get to collapse in the bed and watch a few minutes of television before going to sleep. That’s if you don’t live with me. I’m going to try and get a late night snack before going to sleep. You go about this daily routine just wishing that you could have a brief break from the norm. Well guess what?
You have just been given a ticket from reality. You’re going to a three day convention that’s work related. You will be flying to Las Vegas to attend the
convention. Your company has paid for you to stay in a luxury suite on the 30th floor of the Mirage. They have given you a company credit card and have allowed you to spend $400 a day on extras. I bet you plan on taking you man with you. You must be afraid that you might meet someone and
actually cheat on him. Are you going to be a chicken and take him along also?
I’m hoping you decide to go play a little bit. You wait in the airport for the plane to load. You’re sad and happy to learn that your man can’t get off
work to accompany you to the convention. You do have two other co-workers that will be going with you. They’re both females and also have husbands that they actually didn’t want to go. You’re afraid that they may get you in to trouble. You’re certainly going to get into trouble, but they will have to find you before they get you into trouble. Everyone says their goodbyes and wait for the plane to board. You sit sad and actually feel alone when your man is
no longer in site. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a handsome gentleman walk up beside you. He leans down and offers you his handkerchief. He could tell you were about to cry. You glance up at him and smile. He is dressed in an Armani suite that’s blue with pin stripes. He has an accent that sounds like English with an educated, European twist. He is about 6 feet tall and has wide shoulders. His green eyes seem to pierce you as he takes in every inch of your body. You kind of feel intimidated by his stare. He is very polite as he asked you a simple question. Why are you traveling alone to Las Vegas?
Is this stranger trying to pick me up?
Should I tell him I’m with two other females?
You don’t have a chance to answer his questions. His pretty wife walks up and gives him a kiss. She is very pretty and has two young kids in tow also. He tells
her that you were very sad to be not traveling with your man. She says that Marco will be glad to keep an eye on you. What she meant to say was Marco will watch out for your safety. He smiled and winked at you. Does his smile and wink mean he plans to actually keep an eye on my body? You dirty minded nymph. Marco leans down and whispers in your ear that he does
find you very attractive. That’s only after he makes sure his wife has wondered off with the kids again. You can smell his after shave on his cheeks. You think
he is wearing Obsession for men. You hand him back his handkerchief only after wiping it along your neck. What was that for?
He gets a puzzled look on his face before smelling the cloth. You made sure to give him something to remember you bye. You certainly are a dirty girl.
He breathes in deeply and smiles a sly grin at you. He tucks it away before chasing after his wife and kids. You sit in the chair looking out the window. The plane finally allows you to board. Guess who else has boarded the same plane? I bet you were thinking of Mr. Green eyes boarding the plane. Wrong
He was actually waiting for someone to get off the plane you were boarding.
You sit down in your assigned chair close to the wing. You make sure to get a seat next to the window. You’re surprised that your two co-workers are assigned seats a few rows ahead of yours. So you sit by yourself next to the window. Additional people start to file in to fill the seat around you. You’re happy that a few un-desirable guys don’t sit down next to you. You even
say thank you to the gods above that an over sized lady keeps on walking past your row. You start to think you actually may have some leg room with the seat next to you not filled yet. The plane is almost full now. You start to get comfortable. You hear a man talking to the stewardess at the door. He says that he is very sorry that his connection flight was late arriving. She points in your direction. You start to get nervous as he walks down the isle towards you. He is about 29 years old. He is carrying a laptop computer in one hand. He has on a button down shirt with a tie loose around his neck. His hair is a medium blond cut above the ears. You act like you’re not watching him as he stops a few rows before yours. You can now see his intense light blue eyes as he scans the seat identifiers. He speaks to a lady a few rows in front of you. She is your co-worker. She is already flirting heavy with him. He is sort of
caught off guard by her forwardness. You can tell he is American from somewhere down south. Most likely he is from Georgia.
You think to yourself, I wonder why he is going to Las Vegas.
He flirts back with your friends in a slick tone that tells you he must be an alumni from the university of Georgia. Your friend notices his computer case has a big Georgia bulldog symbol embroidered on it. He says that yes he graduated from their engineering program a few years ago. You say to yourself, so he is smart also. Yum
He flirts a few more minutes with your friends before he moves down the isle.
I bet you wish he will be the one sitting next to you. He stops at your seats and looks at the identifier again. He leans towards you and asks if this is row 14
seat 6?
You can now see his square jaw and smell his wonderful cologne. His eyes are amazing. You wonder to yourself what type of cologne is he wearing. He notices you breathing deeply and smiles. He tells you that it’s XERYUS by Givenchy. You start to turn three shades red from embarrassment. You’re
sad to tell him that the seat he is looking for is two more rows back. He tells you thank you before turning and walking away. Darn
That is just your luck, isn’t it?
He wa

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Erotic story " Business Convention "