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Erotic story " Boardwalk Passion "

posted 4/9/2007 2:37:14 AM |
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6 “Boardwalk Passion” part 1 of 2

You decide to take a nice walk down by the river to relax your mind. A wonderful nature trail has just been completely that runs along the river for miles. The sun is high in a sky full of clear deep, blue air. No clouds can be seen for miles. You listen to the birds sing in the woods that flank one side of the river. People are busy jogging along the trail as you relax and enjoy the scenery. You see other people walking as you’re slowly and peacefully.
Your thoughts are pure until you see me jogging towards you slowly. I’m slow and seem to be pacing myself for a long jog. You can see my firm legs strain as I start up a slight grade. The muscles seem to pulse as they reach their full potential. My firm shoulders lean forward to show you my chest as I breathe in deeply the crisp, clean air. You can see the sweat that has formed on my shirt along the lower edge of my chest. I get closer and you can see that my short, brown hair is damp. My shirt is tight enough that you can see my firm abdomen strain under the fabric. I raise up my head to gather a deep breathe. You look at my face to see light, brown eyes trying to focus on you through the sweat dripping off my forehead. I wipe my eyes with the lower section of my shirt. You now can see my bare abdomen and start to fantasize. You notice I’ve a love trail leaving my belly button and traveling into the top of my shorts. I stare into your eyes and give you a sly smile. I know you’re looking at my straining body as I pass you. I pass you and softly say you’re hot also. I wonder if you’re going to sneak a peek after I pass you or keep looking forward like nothing happened. I bet you turn around and enjoy watching my ass as I continue to jog on down the path.
This same event happens again two more times in the same week. I bet you’re hoping to get a glance of me every time you walk. Each time we pass you act like I’m not getting to you. I turned around and noticed you staring at me the third time we passed. I was tempted to introduce myself, but decided to tease you even more the next day. I decide to not wear a shirt to see how you would react. You see me slowly jogging down the path with no shirt. I wonder what you’re looking at this time. I bet you’ll be staring at my firm chest.
This time I slow down to let you savor the excitement of the moment. I look deep into your eyes and smile again. What are you going to do now?
Will you talk to me or clam up?
I’m hoping you will start off a conversation or at least say a hello.
You manage to say hello and ask my name. I tell you my name is Alex
You tell me your name and I say I must finish my jog for today. We part with smiles.
This smiling goes on for a few more days when you see me jog past you.
You never attempt to stop me when I get close to you. I start to wonder if you were ever interested in me.
I change my jogging time to latter in the evening to get out of the hot sun. You notice that I no longer run around noon and start looking for me at different times. You discover that I now jog just before sun down to stay out of the hot sun. I wonder what that dirty, mind has in store for me now?
You make sure to find a secluded spot along the trail that I run along. The trail is not very busy close to sun down. I jog along hoping to see you along the trail. I’ve enjoyed teasing you with my body. I figure you will not be out walking during this time. So I continue to jog along at a fast pace breathing deeply to gather plenty of air into my lungs. I’m breathing deeply as I turn a slight corner that’s surrounded on both sides by dense bushes. I can hear the river flowing gently along.
I look up to see you walking towards me. I start to walk while I catch my breath. I notice you have a big smile on your face. I wonder what you’re up too.
You walk up to me and open your top to reveal your ripe breasts. My big, brown eyes open wide to take in the beautiful sight. I’m caught off guard as you stop in front of me. You reach up and hold my face in your hand. You run your hand along my square jam. Your index finger traces my lips. You put your finger over my lips to motion not to speak. I stand in shock while you look over my body from head to toe. You reach inside my jogging shorts to feel my thick cock starting to get extremely hard. You lean up to tell me I’m going to let you have your way with me. My mouth falls open after your comments. I look around to see if anyone else is around. We’re secluded for the time being. You grab my hair and pull me closer to your mouth. We kiss gently for a few seconds. You can smell the cologne I had on prior to jogging. The smell is a very intense Obsession for Men. You press your bare breasts into my chest. You close your eyes and enjoy the moment. I reach up to gently caress your breasts in my hands. I pull you even closer to wrap my arms around you while I kiss you gently. I run my hands along your back to find your ass. I squeeze your cheeks as I probe your ass with my finger tips. You can feel my finger tips touching the lower edges of your now wet lips. You wonder if I can feel how wet your cotton pants have become in such a short period of time. Yes I can feel your heat and wetness that has saturated your pants. You raise your leg up and wrap it around mine. You want to rub your swollen clit against my leg. I reach back to rub on your wet lips from behind. Your knees start to get weak as I continue to let you grind your clit against my bare leg. My leg is starting to get wet from your juices. We start to kiss again and we hear someone rounding the corner. You step back and close your shirt. I stand in shock right in front of you. The lady walks up behind you and stops. She says your name and asks if you’re ok. You say that I’m a guy that you already know. The lady says that the sun will be down soon. She wants you to walk with her back to your car. I bet you would love to continue teasing me. The moment is finally destroyed when it starts to rain on us. I can now see through your top after it got wet. I certainly enjoyed admiring your nipples under the thin fabric. The lady also noticed your shirt and complemented you on your breasts. I wonder, if you plan to tell her about your plan of seduce me?
Reluctantly, you agree to walk back with her to your cars.
She tells you that she knows who I’m. I bet you listen to her and plan to catch me off guard again. She tells you that I also workout at a local gym. You decide to track me down to seduce me even more in the near future.
Our mutual friend Liz tells you to meet her at the gym one day. She knows I’m married, but I still like to flirt and play. She makes sure to find out what time I plan to be at the gym. You think she is trying to help you seduce me. So you look forward to catching me off guard again. What you don’t know is she is actually on my side. We’ve decided to team up against you and catch you off guard. She also was turne

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Erotic story " Boardwalk Passion "