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Erotic story " Realkity Check "

posted 4/9/2007 2:35:38 AM |
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5 "Reality Check" Part 1 of 2

You go about your daily routine admiring guys that pass you daily. You wonder what they may be like with no cloths on standing in front of you. That's if you find the guy very interesting and sexy. You never imagine the guys that are already part of the family.
You know the guys that are boyfriends or husbands of family members. What a lie!!!!
I know you admire the curves of these guys just like they're pieces of meat. You wonder what they must be like in bed. You try to decide if they may be better than the guy you're currently with. I bet you would even like to try out the goods of some of the guys.
I know this goes through your mind all the time.
I've this friend that also thinks about the forbidden passion of family. John goes about his daily routine of trying to be a good husband. He admires the passing females that stir an inner desire deep inside him.
He keeps in good shape to make sure the females notice him also. John is 30 years old and is married to an older wife. He is roughly 6 foot tall with broad shoulders and weighs 200 pounds. He has short, blond, curly hair. His eyes are a light shade of blue. He can stop you in your tracks if he stares at you. His clear, blue eyes look as thou you're staring into a clear blue day. John decides to watch a football game on the television during a random Saturday. Guess who he invited to watch it with him? Alex
I'm 6'2" tall with broad shoulders also. I'm roughly 220 and still in fairly great shape. I've thick, dark hair and brown eyes. We plan to watch the game and drink a few beers while our wives are out of town. They decided to go to a wedding shower for a friend. So he and I have the entire evening to be guys.
John waits at his house watching the pre-game show. He sits on the couch with his feet propped up on the recliner foot rest. He just has on a pair of jogging shorts and a t-shirt. He just got back from a short jog and needs to take a shower. He drinks the rest of the light beer and moves to the shower. He stripes off his cloths and enters the shower.
He is not aware that another female has entered the house while he is in the shower. You walk into the den to discover the television on. You wonder where John is currently. You came to ACT like you were coming to visit his wife. You want to make sure he thinks you did not know she would be out of town. You hear the shower running and hope he is actually in it.
I suppose you’re going to wait on the couch until he finishes the shower.
I know you can control your urge to slip into the room and watch him shower. What if you get caught by him or someone else? Does John have any company coming to watch the game? These are the questions you have no answers to currently.
I suppose you’re going to be a dirty girl and sneak in to watch him shower.
You can hear John singing to himself while he watches his hair. You slip around the corner to watch him through the clear glass door. He has shampoo in his hair and can’t see you. So you stick out your head and admire his long curves. You can see his broad shoulders with ample muscles. You enjoy watching the shampoo run off his firm chest muscles as it travels down to his long cock that’s currently soft. You enjoy taking in his round butt as he turns in the shower. You feel like reaching out and running your hands over his chest and kissing him gently on the neck. The scene is starting to get you warm and wet. You start to rub your breasts through your shirt and reach down to feel your warmth. You continue rubbing on yourself while you take in his wonderful body.
You wonder what he would do if you decided to take your clothes off and join him. You have your hand under your shirt and in your bra now rubbing on your nipples. They have become extremely hard from watching him. You decide to also push your hand down into your dripping wet lips also. You start to slide your finger in and out thinking of him inside you. You continue to take him in while he uses body wash all over his body. You watch as he runs his hand along his long cock. You wish your hand was on it also. You lick your lips while he handles it. You decide to take off your top and bra to allow your nipples to get even harder. You stand just to the corner and watch him continue to bath. You rub your now rock hard nipples until they feel like they may explode. You slide your hand down and rub your hard clit. You decide to step out of your bottom. The damp shorts rest gently around your ankles. Your hand is rubbing harder now while watching him rub the body wash along his lean curves. You slide your panties down also to reveal a glistening pussy that seems to be pulsating with pleasure. You close your eyes and dream of him in you again. You come close to climaxing just before hearing the water being turned off.
What are you going to do now? Slide into the shower and surprise him.
What will he think if you’re standing just outside the shower dripping wet?
The decision to step in or run away is answered for you this time.
What you didn’t realize is you were being watched also. You were being admired also shortly after you noticed John putting shampoo in his hair. Guess who was watching you?
I walked in a few minutes after you. I had a bag of chips in my mouth and some bear in my hand. So I was not able to say anything at first. I did notice your car parked outside, but did not think anything about it. I walked in and stopped to watch the pre-game a few seconds. I heard the shower going and figured John was cleaning up after his run. The one thing that caught my attention was you were no where in site. So out of curiosity I went to see where you were. I just wondered towards the shower to ask John.
Guess who I spotted just around the corner? You
I hesitated to ask what you were doing. I soon realized you were watching him shower.
So I decided to be quite and see what you were going to do. I watched as you rubbed yourself and took off your clothes. My cock got very hard as I watched you play with your hard nipples and clit. I even rubbed my cock until it was about to explode. I was just about to pull it out when I heard the shower being turned off.

I realized that you may decide to run backwards away from the shower. So I turned quickly and headed for the front door.
What you heard that interrupted you was the front door as I pretended to open and close it. That’s why you had no other choice but to get your clothes back on. You had no idea who had just come in. So you pulled up your shorts and quickly put on your t shirt.
You stashed your bra in a hiding place to pick up latter.
You wondered out into the den to see who had come in. You see me standing in front of the television. I’m trying to act like nothing had happened. What you can’t see is my still throbbing cock inside my shorts. I make sure to stand to the side away from you.
You smile and act like you have been here only a few minute

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Erotic story " Realkity Check "