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Erotic story " Computer Hacker"

posted 4/9/2007 2:34:58 AM |
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4 "Computer hacker"

You go about your daily routine playing on the computer when ever you get bored. You surf the web and play games with total strangers. The urge to chat with un-known ladies and men grabs you. You enjoy being able to meet people without ever physically creating a bond with them. You may be one of the thousands that just chat for the adventure of getting to know someone new. You may also be one of the many that enjoy being able to flirt with the interesting guys that also is looking to flirt with you.
What type of internet chatter are you?
You're a flirt most likely if you ever read this story. You may want to turn back before it's too late!! Don't read this story unless you have the urge to be touched by one of those many sexy guys that you have flirted with in chat.
You sit there in a safe chair watching the digital pixels bounce around on your monitor. You can flirt with a guy across the country or next door. The safety of the all mighty internet allows you type things and tell things to the stranger without worrying he will ever find you. You tell him sexual fantasies and give descriptions of the type of underwear you like to wear. The pixels glow red from the steam you each provide for each other. He creates a warmth deep inside you that you wish would be reality.
What would happen if he ever discovered the real you?
Would you even know it was him in reality?
What if he showed up where you work with flowers?
Could you remember his features described in the pixels enough to focus on him in front of you?
Probably not!
What if he chatted with you enough to know your inner most thoughts? Would you run away from the pixel man if he showed up at your front door step one night? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before letting me in the front door. You probably would not even recognize me if I did show up to visit you.

WARNING!!!!!! This is all made up fun (I'm not a true hacker)

Part 1

You go about your daily routine that includes going on the internet. The chatting has become a way for you to get away from the daily stresses of your life. Over the last month you have been chatting with a stranger that turns you on tremendously. He knows your secret fantasies and has tried to seduce you numerous times. You can't decide if you want him in your head. It may be too late for that to happen. I've discovered more things about you then you could ever dream about letting me know. I'm the computer hacker!! While you sit and flirt, my fingers search you out and discover your hidden identity. The pixels have become my friends while I cut into programs to pull out secrets. Your computer has a mind that I've tapped into to learn more about you. You sit happy and ready to share secrets with me. You have no idea that I already know who you are.
I've sat in my truck watching you go about your daily routines. I even rubbed up against you at the local shopping mall. You looked into my dark eyes and smiled. You had no clue who I was. I could smell the sweet perfume you told me you wore. I could picture you in the sexy bra and panty set you told me you wore. My mind spun with the thoughts of how your firm breasts looked in reality after being told about them in chat.
Should I have stopped you and told you who I was?
Would you have ran away from me?
I let you walk away smiling instead of telling you.
We continued to chat more and more about your desires each night. I lived in chat with you and in reality watching you. You lived your life with me only in your mind. We meet again for a few minutes at the local movie theater. You were walking up a dark corridor just after the movie was over. The lights had not come on since the credits were still showing. I made sure to get close to you while leaving the show. I walked behind you only a step away. You stopped suddenly and turned around. You could only see my broad shoulders and thick hair from the glare of the screen. You could smell the polo sport I was wearing that night. I have no idea why you turned around, but we stopped with you pressing up against my chest with your firm breast. You looked up into my intense eyes to see if you knew me. You tried to apologize to me for bumping into me. Your hands reached up to push yourself off my chest. You could feel my solid chest just beneath a polo shirt. You hesitate for a second too breathe deeply to enjoy my scent. Your eyes are close and stand close to me for a second to enjoy your breasts pressing against me. I lean closer to you and whisper in your ear. You're a beautiful lady!!! You feel a tingling rush up your entire body as you feel my cock get hard instantly inside my pants. You lean closer to me for a fraction of time that seems to last minutes. You feel my heat and breathe on your neck before reality takes over. The rush of people in the isle has brought us both back to reality. You smiled and rushed off with the group. We continue to flirt with each other in chat for many nights.
I send you a bogus email selling you discounted rate on computer services. My probing into your computer brain allowed me to learn all your account information and some of your passwords. That's how I was able to send you emails.
You delete the first group of bogus emails without ever realizing they were from me. The next emails were configured to attach to your permanent memory. They could not be deleted by conventional methods. I now had your computer and you at my mercy.
You continued to flirt with me over the next week. I made sure to focus on what would happen if we ever met. I got you to tell me secrets that would happen if we meet in person. You were sure that I would never meet you. So you continued to let me get into you mind more.
I devised a plan to actually meet with you at your home. My virus that I planted in your computer sat harmless until I activated it. You were left with a processor that acted crazy. I sent out my bogus email offering discount computer repair work. You became so agitated with your computer that you decided to get help fixing it. The computer repair contract required you to send it off for diagnostics. Computer repair shops were booked up. You also didn't have anyone else you knew that fixed computers. So you were down to the bogus repair offer I sent you. You sent me an email to request a quote. I emailed you back saying that I may be able to help, but my schedule was very busy. I called you back on the phone. I offered to come by after I got off work to look at it. You were so tired of the computer messing up, that you agreed to let me look at it. We agreed that I would come by your home one night during the week. What you didn't know was I had mapped out your routines already.
I knew what day you would be alone and for how long. I made sure to call you on the day I knew you would be the only person home.
I called you

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Erotic story " Computer Hacker"