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Erotic Story "Dressing Room Follies"

posted 4/9/2007 2:34:12 AM |
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3 “Dressing room follies”

I promised my wife I would go with her to buy a new dress. She insists I follow her into the store and wait for her to try on a few. I’m standing close to the dressing rooms waiting for her to come out and show me a sample.
I’m dressed in a red short sleeve pull over duck head shirt and blue jeans with loafers. I just got out of the shower prior to coming with her shopping. My hair is still wet on the edges. You could certainly smell the Polo sport body wash that I used while in the shower if you got close to me. My shoulders, back and arms are tired from working out at the gym earlier. So I rest my arms on top of the turnabout filled with cloths.
The store certainly is busy with last minute ladies buying outfits for latter in the night.
I glance out the front door towards the electronics store across the way. Yes we’re in a mall type store.
I’m not sure what the stores name is today. This is just one of the many I’ve been dragged into today. I lean up against the rack while I wait and start day dreaming about the big screen television I saw across the way. I’m standing there sort of in a daze and tired from the workout.
I just happen to glance up and notice you walk into the store. You’re with your other girlfriends talking and carrying on. I stand and watch you secretly as you look at cloths on the racks. My eyes scan the area to make sure no one is spying on me watching you. I continue watching you from a distance. I lick my lips and continue to stare at your pretty smile. I can ’t see your curves hiding from behind the racks. So I move to a better position to watch your entire sexy
body move from rack to rack. You open your jacket to hold a dress up to your body closer. I literally stumble and almost fall watching you. You have the most desirable breasts I could imagine hidden under a few layers of clothing. I try to imagine you with no cloths on at all. My mind starts to fantasize about holding you. You hold another one up close and I take a deep breath. One of your friends comes up behind me
and says I bet you think she is pretty. I turn to her and say yes she is very pretty. Your friend can tell I was caught off guard by her. She sees a light tint of red show on my cheeks. She also can smell the polo.
She looks deep into my brown eyes and laughs at me softly. I can never spy on a lady and not get caught by another lady. She moves away from me looking at other cloths. I stand there a bit embarrassed, but I’ve to keep looking at you. I think to myself, I hope her friend doesn’t tell her about me soon. I would like to enjoy watching her for at least a little while before she runs away. My wife comes out of the dressing room to show me a dress. I honestly tell her I don’t like the long dress that is way below her knees. I told her that I prefer a knee length dress with thin strapes on the shoulders. She retreats back into the changing room.
I proceed to look for you again. I look all about the store and can’t see you. I’m depressed because my sexy lady has left the store while I was talking with my wife. So I lower my head and wait for the next dress.
I’m standing alone in the corner of the store waiting as usual with my head down. I breathe in and smell the most wonderful smell of perfume ever. I raise my head to discover you standing next to me. Your friend must of told you I found you very intoxicating. You stand there looking deep into my brown eyes with a little smile. You can see that I’m very shy around pretty females. I can see your awesome smile and wonderful
curves standing very close to me. I glance over to the changing rooms to make sure my wife is still inside.
Lucky for me she is still busy. I tell you how pretty you’re while I try not to make a fool of myself in the process. You can see my cheeks starting to get red again. You reach out and give me a gentle hug and say thank you. You can feel my strong arms and chest as I give you a hug back. I can also feel your firm breasts as I hug you back. I lean my hips back to prevent you
from feeling the intense bulge that you created in my jeans. I watch you continue to flirt with me from the next rack. You purposely hold more clothes up to your firm body to tease me. You remove your jacket so that I can see your smooth shoulders. I watch your tight ass move from rack to rack. I slide behind a rack to adjust my now rock hard cock. My wife comes out and has a dress ready to buy. I wait for her in the corner to pay for it. You walk over to me and smile. I tell you that if I was not married, I would be all over you. You dare me by rubbing your breasts directly in front of me. My cock is about to explode now. You hold another dress up to tease me even more. You walk over to the dressing room to try it on. I wish that I could follow you in the secluded
room to make hot passion to you. My wife comes by and looks at me strangely. We leave the store with me suffering. I walk all over the mall with her for awhile. I spot you going into another clothing store with your friends. I tell my wife that I’m going to Sears to look at the power equipment. She hates waiting for me to look at guy stuff. So she tells me she will be at Bath & Body works. We separate and I wait for her to turn the corner. Guess where I’m heading. You guess it!!!! I slide in the clothing store qithout being noticed. I make my way to the
dressing rooms hidden in the back of the store. I
watch you move around some more. I wait until you
decide to go to the dressing room to try on a dress. I watch from a hidden location as you enter one of the back rooms. These individual dressing rooms are 3’x3’. The doors reach almost to the floor. You can only see about 6 inches below. I can see your knit t-shirt and silky pants hit the floor. My eyes spot your sexy
black lacy bra now on top of your pants. My cock is getting harder by the minute. Should I slide into the room and play with you for a little while?

Part 2 “Dressing room follies”

I look around to make sure to one can see me watching you. You have slipped into another tight dress while I stand outside the room looking around. I wait to make sure no more ladies are coming to the changing rooms. Slowly I move towards your door making no noise. I can hear you inside turning to look at yourself in the mirror. I wait until I hear the tight dress hit the floor before I turn the knob. I’m hoping at least I can see your bare, firm breasts before you slap my face. I open the door as you are bent over with your firm butt poking out towards me. You’re trying to gather the dress up off the floor to put it back on the hanger. So you don’t notice the door open at first. I leave the door cracked an inch to watch while you’re bent over at the waist. I can see your firm breasts from an angle and your sweet tight butt. You have not realize that I’ve opened the door, because your back is towards me. You reach for another dress to try it on. You raise your arms up t

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Erotic Story "Dressing Room Follies"