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Erotic Story "Prelude to an Obsession"

posted 4/9/2007 2:32:42 AM |
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1 “Prelude to a seduction”

Hubby and the kids are supposed to be away from the house for 6 hours. They went to visit family and you had to work. You decided to take off early and relax at home all day by yourself. Hubby calls around 4 P.M. and says he and the kids will be spending the night with family due to the weather. The weather outside is very bad. The rain & thunder is pounding the windows. So you get the entire night to relax in front of the TV watching boring movies. NOT
You decide to take a steamy shower around 9 P.M. The giant glassed in shower is full of clouds of steam. Actually, the entire bathroom is filled with steam so thick you can't see across to the other wall. You can hear the rain hit up against the side of the house. SUDDENLY, the lights go out!
You're standing in the shower with a head full of shampoo. The hot water feels good as it is hitting you in the sensitive breasts that enjoy the heat. Your nipples are hard from the pleasure the hot water is creating. You decide to stay in the shower to enjoy all the heat and steam. You start to lather your breasts with liquid soap.
You hear a noise in the mostly quit house. Your ears try to focus on the noise without the rain and thunder. You hear no more noises and continue to rub the soap all over your body. Without knowledge, the shower door is opened and a figure slowly slides into the shower with you. You're startled when two strong hands grab a hold of your waist from behind you.
You ask who are you? No answer
Again you ask!~ This time a firm hand is placed to your lips. You decide it means no talking. You decide it must be your hubby that has sneaked away from the kids to be with you. ??????? running through your mind.
You decide to enjoy the moment and enjoy the firm hands rubbing up and down your body. The stranger turns you around and starts kissing your lips. He grabs your face in his big hands and kisses you gently. You decide it must be my husband. No one else has the keys to get in the house. You start to relax and enjoy his touch more. You move your lips down to his neck. Your hands rub up against my chest. You feel strong shoulders with a firm chest. Your face lowers down to my nipples to start tickling them with your tongue.
You breathe in deeply and STOP.
The aroma you smell is not known to you. The stranger in the dark, steam filled shower is wearing a new scent of cologne. The smell that intrigues you is Polo Sport!!
Your hubby does not wear Polo. Who is this stranger? You're afraid to speak in case the stranger stops pleasuring you. So you continue to run your hands all over my body. You reach up towards my face to feel my facial features. The stranger seems to be over 6 feet tall with a muscular frame. His hair is cut short and seems to be thick. I have day old stubble that takes you by surprise. You move your hands down my face to my chest and down to my firm butt. Your hand slowly reaches down to feel my manhood. You're shocked to find a thick, hard cock that's pulsing as you grip it tightly. You realize that this may not be your husband after all. But who could it be?
I continue to rub your body as I take your nipple in my mouth. I nibble your right breast as I slide my hand down to your clit. My fingers caress you until you start to feel weak in the knees. I pull you closer to me as I pick you up. I slide my rock hard cock up into you as I raise and lower you slowly. You can feel the tip slide slowly all the way up into you. I kiss you patiently as I leave my thick cock deep in you.
I slowly carry you out of the bathroom with my cock still deep in your wet hot box of pleasure. The lights in the house are all out. You're startled to discover the neighbors lights are still on. I lower you onto the bed as I slide my cock out of you. The room is dark and you're afraid again. What to do? Run and hide or enjoy the stranger.
You decide to lay on the bed. One candle is lit in the corner of the room. You still can only see the outline of the stranger. I slowly walk towards you with the candle to my back. You can see my wet short hair and my strong shoulders. My legs look to be very athletic with the light showing between them. I reach the edge of the bed. You open your still wet legs to beckon me to slide myself deep inside you again. You notice that I've something in my left hand. I raise a silk piece of cloth up to show you.
You start to tingle with the thought of being blindfolded by the stranger. I slide up between your legs and place the blindfold over your eyes. You lay back as I start to kiss your lips and body all over. I put my cock back in you and only allow you to enjoy the first 4 inches. You try to close your legs around me to pull me all the way in. Your hand reaches down to rub your clit while the four inches is in you. You discover that you can still wrap your hand around the remainder of my cock that's still not in you. You beg for it all. I tease you by pulling it all the way out. I lower myself down and start to lick your lips and clit with my tongue. I let you enjoy it for awhile and then I stop. While you're laying on your back I place cloth restraints on your hands and legs. You're now tied to the bed. I continue to lick your clit until you buck with pleasure. My tongue is stuck in your wet, tight hole. SHOCKER!!!!!!
You feel a mouth close over your left nipple. TWO ??????
The new stranger also has short stubble on his face. You continue to be licked and nibbled while you lay in darkness. What do they plan to do to me?????

Prelude part 2

You lay on the bed with a blindfold covering your eyes. You smell the sweet scent of cologne that has rubbed off onto the silk material. The stranger must of handled the cloth just after he applied polo sport to his face and neck. You lay there with your arms and legs firmly tied apart with soft bindings.
You can still feel me moving my tongue over your clit to make you move from side to side. The second stranger has just nibbled your nipple with his teeth. The light touching of his whiskers causes you to move even more.
I move up to your lower tummy and start to run my tongue along your abdomen. The light touch has started you to become even more aroused. My fingers start to rub your clit as I grab your left breast. My fingers rub your nipple between them. Your nipple starts to get harder then before.
You feel the second stranger move up to your neck and kiss it gently. He smells like obsession for men. He nibbles your ear and kisses you gently on the lips. He runs his tongue along the edges of both your lips. You are not sure if you should kiss him or not.
I slide a finger into you while stranger two is kissing you deeply. I can feel your muscles tense around my finger as I slowly tinkle you from the inside.
Stranger two moves away from you and you seem to be begging him to return. Where has he gone? You lay on your back with my finger probing inside your hot, wet, moist box of pleasure.

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Erotic Story "Prelude to an Obsession"